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new friends? [Jan. 31st, 2010|02:08 pm]
got tired of the teenyboppers


My name's Peter, thought that might of been a bit obvious.

The Chinese have a curse, they tell people 'May you live in interesting times'. I think somebody must have said that to me quite early on.

Here's some major points in my life in bullet points.

  • We moved around constantly while I was growing up, I still move around pretty much constantly now, I've lived in over thirty different houses in my life so far.

  • My Mother was a medium, not the type that charges people money for contacting long dead relatives, I think those people are mostly kooks, but the kind that probably wouldn't have chosen to be had they had the option.

  • That made me believe in the occult. I practice magic, not the kind where you pull rabbits out of hats and saw people in two though.

  • I went to college to study fine art, I changed my mind upon seeing how amazing some other people were at it, I changed to performing arts in my disillusionment entirely because the performing arts classes were filled with incredibly attractive girls and incredibly gay guys, leaving me as the only straight guy in the class.

  • I abused drugs for quite a time during college, my younger brother fell into the same lifestyle and developed schizophrenia as a result, I spent a few years as his sole carer.

  • I haven't done drugs in quite a while.

  • I used to be Catholic, well I grew up that way at least. Between me practising magic and me realising how much Christianity as a whole makes little sense, I abandoned it. I now have quite a unique view of life and am very much happier.

  • I met my wife through LiveJournal.

  • I have a son, he's 12 weeks old but was born 8 weeks premature.

I don't often write about my wife and son as I remember what it was like before I was married and had a kid and I hated those kinds of posts.

I write about my thoughts, feelings, opinions, memories.. the kind of things that not many people actually do write about.. I'm absolutely not one of the people that writes 'what I did today' kinds of entries, though I don't have issues with people that do, it's just never really appealed to me.. though randomly on occasion I will write that kind of thing, but it's more of a once in a blue moon incident. I keep my journal entirely public and I kind of require myself to be as honest as possible with things.

I update every day.

I keep trying to be friends with quite devout Christians, no offence intended but it never works out for me, I don't have problems with Christians as such but if you've ever wrote an entry that mentioned how much you love Jesus then I'm truly sorry but you're going to end up annoying me and then I'll end up deleting you and lets just save each other both the hassle and not go there. If that makes me intolerant, then ok I'm intolerant.

I don't care about age, I have people in their teens all the way up to in their thirties on my list, I'm round about smack in the middle. I think maturity and life experiences are far more important than random numbers. Some of the most interesting people I know became quite dull after they left their teenage years and other dull ones became quite interesting.. so age to me is kind of irrelevant.

I very rarely add people that have over a hundred friends, it has been known to happen but generally I feel there comes a point where people stop paying attention to what other people are saying and start only paying attention to what people have to say to them and that point comes somewhere over a hundred friends. I'm not looking to just read peoples journals, I want to actually be friends with people and that's really a two way street.

I also very rarely add people that only have half a dozen entries that say they've just started over, unless they're saying who they used to be in the process.. I just wonder how likely they are to stay with that journal instead of going back. I don't mind people switching journals, I've done it a few times. I just kind of want the paper trail.

I also don't add those people that are crazily paranoid about the internet, that refuse to say who they are and where they live and mention people by names.. it really does my head in, I hate any kind of deception.

Other than those clauses, all I really want is for people to be interesting, update regularly and nothing else really.

anyways.. if you feel like adding me after all of that, feel free.