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Hi. I'm Kaia. It's not my real name, which is Kasey, but it's what I… - got tired of the teenyboppers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
got tired of the teenyboppers

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[Oct. 9th, 2009|05:32 pm]
got tired of the teenyboppers


Hi. I'm Kaia. It's not my real name, which is Kasey, but it's what I go by. I'm 21, and a Biology major that has no idea where in the world she is going. I work in a optometrists office, where I'm surrounded by an incredibly diverse group of people. I'm deeply sarcastic, and incredibly introverted. I am a nerd, video games are one of the biggest parts of my life and probably always will be.

I've been on Livejournal for a long time, but am now only recently coming back after about 2 years of lurking in communities. I've reached a point where I need to let things out. I need to get the thoughts in my head out, and this is how I chose to do so. The problem with coming back after so long is I find myself without very many friends, or really any at all, as most of my friends list at the moment doesn't post. I would like to find new ones, and learn about little pieces of their life and maybe share pieces of mine with them. It's nice to know that someone, somewhere out there in the world is hearing my thoughts, and perhaps giving their insight.

So, if you don't mind listening to the ramblings of a young girl just trying to get back in touch with the world around her and find her place in it, please feel free to add me. Also know that many of my entries will include World of Warcraft in some manner. I don't mean posts about every little I did in game that day, as no one but me really cares about those little details, but there will be posts about the social aspect of the game and how it has impacted me. WoW has been such a big part of my life for so long and I know my life will continue to be tied to it and the people I know there for years to come.

I can't promise I'll comment on every entry, but I can promise to comment if I have something to say, and that's all I really except from my friends. I also can't promise I'm going to post every day, but I will post the days I do have something I need to say.

Please post here or on my friends only post if you're interested.